Conclusion on multi agency working

The Act sets out the legal framework for the care and treatment of mentally disordered persons, by providing the legislation under which people suffering from a mental disorder can be detained in hospital to have their disorder assessed or treated against their wishes Unit Through this critical reflection on my placement I will be looking at my learning in areas such as law and policy, risk, linking theory to practice, communication and multi-professional working which have all formed an integral part of my placement.

When working with children there are times that a parent or child will share information that is not intended to be shared around and needs to be kept private and safe. To be able to plan for the Children on our care we first have to observe the children and make note of what we see and hear.

For example, the terminology used may be different amongst services or organisations, and this can lead to someone not understanding the message that was intended.

Depending on the action needed the child could be referred to a speech therapist such as SALT. This is because they not only suffered from a mental illness but the fact that they had also been through the criminal justice system, leading to them possibly suffering discriminated on multiply grounds.

Initially a health visitor or clinic would identify problems when a child is taken for check ups. This should include monitoring the service delivered to victims of domestic abuse with the development of SLAs or joint action plans.

There are several cases which have arisen over the years, where many indicating factors of abuse were not taken into consideration as they were not seen as a part of the bigger picture.

Ib social cultural anthropology extended essay criteria

Communication skills begin developing from birth. SENCO have the correct paper work in place and ensure appointments are up to date, this will make it easy to monitor development. With us you get: There are many reasons why it is better to chose us over other companies in the same platform.

It provides a much higher level of support for each vulnerable adult within the system- a form of support and care that the person will individually experience and benefit from.

Through this placement I have learnt that it is important to combine knowledge from these theoretical perspectives in order to produce a comprehensive assessment Unit 1, Unit 2, Unit 3, Unit 6.

It is always best to do what is in the best interest of the individual, however you must respect that they have a right to disagree and these issues need to be dealt with lawfully, and in a way that is not too upsetting for the individual in question.

In the best scenarios, professionals are made aware of each other?. Chinman et al contends participation treatment planning can also be empowering, in addition, that people with severe mental illness being able to actively participate in designing their own treatment plans could lead to an improved self-image and a greater likelihood that they will reach their treatment goals.

More essays like this: According to Harrison negative attitudes towards mental distress can be compounded by other forms of discrimination such as race for example the belief that black men are more likely to be violent than their white counterparts.

However, the development of these skills varies between children. Shared responsibilities mean that the individuals being supported are in safer hands, and no individual is able to make a single poor decision that may lead to an abusive situation.

Speech language and communication needs SLCN refers to a wide range of difficulties that a child or young person might experience with communication.

I felt that this projected a message to the patients that none of the professional worked in isolation; as such they could attribute respect to us all as part of their care team.

Additionally, I learnt that certain mental illnesses gave patients the propensity to commit particular crimes for example that there is a link between personality disorders and antisocial behaviours.

Reflexivity, its meanings and relevance for social work: Community safety partnerships CSPsformerly known as Crime and Disorder Reduction Partnerships in England, are made up of representatives from the responsible authorities, which are: The decisions are then easier to implement into strategies or policies, as they will be being universally implemented and will hold the agreement of several managers and professionals.

They may come together to discuss a plan that is best for the child to progress effectively. Multi Agency Working Essay Sample. Multi agency working is an effective way of supporting children and families with additional needs.

Multi agency working in health and social care

It brings together practitioners and professionals from different sectors to provide an integrated way of working to support children, young people and families. Topic: Task: Write an essay, which critically examines the development and value of multi-agency working in the UK.

Order Description The focus needs to be on the principles and intentions that underlie the concept of multi-agency partnerships. Social Work and Multi-agency Working: Making a difference (Social Work in Practice) by Kate Morris Published by Policy Press () Paperback.

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Multi-agency working reduces the risk of abuse to adults by using legal frameworks, one of the most effective legal frameworks used when multiagency working is A national framework of standards for good practice and outcomes in adult protection workthis framework reduces abuse when multi-agency working as it focuses on patients who are.

The rationale for multi-agency work, different types and models of multi-agency working and the factors which may impede or facilitate its effectiveness are considered There has been volume of literature written on multi-agency collaboration.

Conclusion on multi agency working
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