Sustainability report aa1000 assurance

External Assurance

The Global Reporting Initiative GRIthe driving force behind the GRI Standards for sustainability reporting, strongly recommends third party verification as part of the reporting process.

We apply proven techniques and the most appropriate measures for your particular technology, regulatory and business context: The SGS approach to sustainability report assurance is a flexible model based on the AA Assurance Standard with optional modules to address your needs.

Noma Bar In some senses our job is similar to that of a journalist: We believe that the organization has chosen an appropriate level of assurance for this stage in their reporting.

We work with our clients to develop sustainability reports in line with the globally accepted framework, GRI Standards, that authentically tell their stories. With a presence in every single region around the globe, our people speak the language and understand the culture of the local market and operate globally in a consistent, reliable and effective manner.

Responsiveness — Organisations should act transparently on material sustainability topics and their related impacts. We independently researched what issues might be important to GNM and its stakeholders. Sustainability Report Consulting — Review the processes for materiality, stakeholder engagement and data collection that underlie the foundation of your sustainability initiatives and reporting.

We have written both an opinion and a formal AAAS assurance statement. The process evaluates material issues with balanced focuses on risks and opportunities together with the appropriate prioritization. Use of our report Our assurance report has been prepared solely for the directors of AGL.

Corporate Sustainability Reporting (CSR)

They need to be equipped with the knowledge and analytics necessary for validating that any environmental, social and governance practices, and management systems are aligned with the strategic goals and projected outcomes. As such the level of assurance is lower than would be the case for a reasonable assurance engagement.

Qualitative interpretations of relevance, materiality and the accuracy of data are subject to individual assumptions and judgements.

We will be adding more comments online as the website develops. Interviews with relevant personnel, Document and record inspection, Confirmation of information sources. The output produces new credibility for your sustainability efforts, helping to ensure a clearer path for your competitive agenda.

Gain traction with investors who look for companies that are meeting the sustainability report assurance AA Standard. Inherent limitations Non-financial information, including the Subject Matter may be subject to more inherent limitations than financial information, given both its nature and the methods used for determining, calculating and sampling or estimating such information.

Report Assurance

Understanding best practices in these areas leads to efficiency improvements and innovations that reduce costs and improve your performance, supporting the business case for investing in sustainability. Auditors Our work was designed to achieve a "moderate" level of assurance, which means we don't check everything, we take a sampling approach, focusing on the most important issues and using our professional judgment to decide where to focus our efforts.

How the auditor assures

We believe that the assurance evidence we have obtained is sufficient and appropriate to provide a basis for our assurance conclusion. Verification by an independent third party such as CENGSSUD proves that your report provides an accurate depiction of the main sustainability aspects of your organization and assures your stakeholders of the trustworthiness of the disclosures made.

The Principles Organizations that submit their sustainability report to external assurance in accordance with AA should be aware of the changes in the AA Principles, as those principles are the basis for the assurance process.

Organizations need assurance that the sustainability policies, processes and claims they have established along with their responsibility agenda, will withstand scrutiny and the impact of externalities beyond their control. For further information please refer to the relevant assurance report. We provide no assurance over changes to the content of the Sustainability Performance Report after the date of this assurance statement.

We have reported in accordance with the 'comprehensive' option for G4 reporting - including additional disclosures of our strategy and analysis, governance, and ethics and integrity as well as more extensive data on our performance related to identified material topics, as compared to the 'core' G4 reporting option.

Desk study to identify material issues in relation to the organisation, its sector, location and operations, and stakeholders; Evaluation of the Wipro Sustainability Report - 14 against the requirements of the GRI G3. Using methodology developed from GRI and the Sustainability Accounting Standards Board SASBwe work with you to engage your stakeholders and determine the most material topics to communicate in your report.

The AA Assurance Standard, ISAE and GRI Standards can be chosen instead for assuring your sustainability report or verifying your performance measurement processes. ISO does not conflict with other corporate sustainability instruments such as the GRI Standards and AA standards; rather, they complement each other.

Guardian News & Media sustainability report How the auditor assures Mon 27 Jul EDT First published on Mon 27 Jul so we use the AA assurance standard to guide us on how. against the main principles of the AA Assurance Standard: Materiality, Completeness and Responsiveness. 1 Group chief executive’s introduction 3 Achievements and challenges Further copies of BP Sustainability ReportBP Sustainability Report and other BP publications may be obtained, free of charge, from the following.

This Sustainability Report has been independently assured by ‘DNV GL’ Business Assurance Lanka Private Limited to a moderate level of assurance as defined by the AA Assurance Standard.

Report Assurance Training – SCS offers training and courses to educated sustainability leaders on the principles of Accountability that underpin the AA Standard. This can help your organization develop more impactful reports and achieve positive assurance results.

Relevant standards for providing sustainability assurance include AA, Assurance Standard (), and ISAE The AA standard, developed by AccountAbility, is an open-source set of principles that focuses on addressing CSR issues.

Sustainability report aa1000 assurance
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