Write a newspaper report on uttarakhand flood

2013 North India floods

Causes[ edit ] The main causes of water pollution in the Ganges river are the increase in the population density, various human activities such as bathing, washing clothes, the bathing of animals, and dumping of various harmful industrial waste into the rivers.

It was also decided to confine our case only to Chennai Telephones Circle. What was the urgency to act in the midnight?.

The Uttarakhand Government announced that due to the extensive damage to the infrastructure, the temple will be temporarily closed to regular pilgrims and tourists for a year or two, but the temple rituals will still be maintained by priests.

This turtle inhabits deep rivers, streams, large canals, lakes and ponds, with a bed of mud or sand. We thank all of them. Union tablet was opened by Circle Organising Secretary M.

Hope something will be done at the earliest. Roads constructed in haphazard style, new resorts and hotels built on fragile river and more than 70 hydroelectric projects in the watersheds of the state led to a "disaster waiting to happen" as termed by certain environmentalists.

Islam in his presidential speech explained the chellanges before us in third wage revision and next membership verification. The help was later politely rejected by Government of India. In regard to possible interference to CJMR, the Commission notes that it is the responsibility of the parties involved and of the Department to resolve any interference issues.

Read Now My dear countrymen, Namaskar. It is a gigantic multi purpose project where cleaning of many major rivers of India not Ganga river alone from the water pollution is one of its purpose.

Nirmala Seetharaman, the Defence Minister. He exorted them to strengthen the NFTCL evenwhile appreciating the state Committee which has grown many fold since it's formation conference in Srinagar during September This incident too is directly related to Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel. Listed as an endangered species, their population is believed to be less than All other technical parameters would remain unchanged.

The temple was flooded with water resulting in several deaths due to drowning and panic-driven stampede. Divisional Secretary Devendran welcomed all.

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The team deployed at Dehradun established contact with FMRs and Patwaris in these affected Districts and the FMRs prepared lists of people who were stranded in their region. The meeting was very cordial and purposeful. AUAB held its first campaign meeting: Comrades CKMC. General Secretary in his speech explained in detail the agenda points and narrated the details of ongoing third wage revision talks with the representatives of BSNL management.

Our soldiers have displayed great valour in difficult areas and adverse conditions.

Uttarakhand flash floods – A report

The meeting is continuing in the afternoon session and tomorrow also. A few days ago, I was reading about a farmer brother Gurbachan Singh from Punjab. Hundreds died within minutes and thousands more lost their lives during the next few days. Meeting at CGM office in Jammu on It was much more effective as compared to the previous launched programs.

This would be a joint project of China, Nepal and India for controlling river water pollution and making the Ganga river live and flowing throughout the year. I also salute the families of our soldiers. Relief materials in the form of Non food items has been despatched to the Uttarakhand state branch by road for further distribution to the affected areas.

Mishmi tribes of Arunachal Pradesh claim their relationship with tigers. Stories like these are innumerable. She was a NFTE member all through her 36 years of service. The sanctity of the agreement is not preserved by the state and central governments of India after independence though it is legally valid.

Danapal, Thiruvallur District President presided over the conference. First off all it should file a review petition to assuage the hurt feelings of Ayyappan devotees.

Impacts of Flooding Activity: Write a Flooding News Report In this activity you will use facts and your knowledge of flooding to write a newspaper report about a real flood event. In Junea multi-day cloudburst centered on the North Indian state Uttarakhand, caused devastating floods and landslides, creating the country's most recent natural disaster since the thesanfranista.com reason the floods occurred was that the rainfall received was on a larger scale than the regular rainfall the state usually received.

Chennai Telephones AUAB Chairman thesanfranista.comanan delivering his presidential speech in the rally meeting held today at CGM office. If you have relatives or friends missing in Uttarakhand or have information about someone who is missing, please use Google Person Finder to report.

Uttarakhand flash floods – A report

Aug 18,  · A news report on the flood in Pakistan by the Pakistani News Channel: Geo subbed in English. News reports suggest that at least 10, to 12, people visit the hilly town every day during the peak pilgrimage season.

The latest figures released by the Uttarakhand government indicated that 2, villages were affected by floods and landslides, of which .

Write a newspaper report on uttarakhand flood
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